We abide by the "Hack Code of Conduct"

Registration & Submission

  1. Register for the Hackathon by first signing up to create a free Devpost account, or logging in with an existing Devpost account. Next, on the Devpost Hackathon Website, you should click the “Join Hackathon” button to complete registration. This will enable you to receive important updates and submit your project.


Rules for setting up a team

  1. Each contestant is only eligible to join a single team.
  2. Each team can have no more than 4 members
  3. A team member can apply to join or leave a team.


You will be disqualified in the event of the following:

  1. You plagiarised the work of others
  2. You used third-party code plug-ins in your works that were not authorized, and/or are the source of a legal dispute
  3. You worked on your project before the hackathon began, and did not notify the judges specifically which portions were done beforehand.

Judges have the right to disqualify anyone if they feel a contestant has broken any rule. 




Submission Requirements:

  1. Submit your project via devpost before 11:59 PM PST on 1/2. 
  2. Include a 5 minute or less demo video of your project
  3. Include a description of your project in your submission
  4. Send a link to either your code or GitHub repo
  5. Include your email somewhere on your devpost submission so we can contact you if you win prizes